Everyone loves a good game. Whether a board game or out on a field for a team sport; games encourage teamwork, good sportsmanship, and critical thinking skills. Here at the Romanian Cultural center we offer a variety of games and other activities that are sure to entertain as well as keep you in touch with others who share your cultural background and customs.

Here at the Romanian Cultural Center we have a beautifully updated facility that includes state of the art equipment and a knowledgeable staff who is anxious to get involved with the members of the Romanian community. We offer several teams that complete in intramural leagues with other community and cultural centers all throughout the greater Phoenix area. If competitive team sports are not the way that you want to get to know others and stay connected to your heritage, we have a wide range of game clubs that meet regularly to play board games like, chess and checkers, scrabble, card games, and even monopoly. There is a group with games for everyone! For those who have children, we offer kid’s groups as well as daycare services for many of the times that our game groups meet. We even have a good number of staff members who speak Romanian themselves so if you have young ones who speak that at home they will be able to communicate while here with no problems!


We want to send out a special thank you to the gals over at lms.org for their help fundraising for the lms systems the local school had been trying to purchase.  As you can imagine with all of the children we work with, having the latest technology in their schools will help them in the classroom before they step onto the field.


Romanian Cultural Fotbal

Many of the game clubs do not require dues of any kind. The use of the facility is included in your Romanian Cultural Center membership fees. Within the clubs, they may organize a snack rotation or a potluck dinner at times, but those are organized through the club itself and not the Romanian Cultural Center staff. While use of the facilities and equipment for the team sports is also included in the membership fees for the center, there are sometimes registration fees or uniform fees that may need to be paid in addition. Some of the intramural teams may have some transportation fees to away games as well. There are opportunities to hold occasional fundraisers in order to alleviate some of these costs for our players though. Additional fees specific to each sport can be found at the front desk of the Welcome Center. You can also call the front desk at 480-651-7899 to find the most up to date pricing for current teams. If special circumstances exist and additional fees may stop you or your child from participating in a team sport, you can also call our team coordinator, Valeria, who will be able to give you information on any potential scholarships available.